Sunday, August 11, 2013

This was just a thought....

As the past few years have come and gone and in those few years I have met many people in finding answers to many of my questions on the paranormal or the metaphysical, I have learned many ideas and mindsets to what is paranormal and what is not.  I went to a showing of a documentary "A Blood Red Sky" recently and that has tweaked my interest in exactly what is truly paranormal and what is not.  I mean we have our own reality based on what we perceive to be real.  So for me when I witness something that could be called a ghost (apparition) that is truly real because I perceive that to be real.  On the otherhand someone who doesn't perceive this event as a real event will not believe because it isn't in their perceived realistic outlook. 

So I am experiencing many things that are labled paranormal because I want them to happen to me?  I believe in ghosts and that is the reason why I keep having encounters with them?  Or are ghosts/spirits real and can be experienced by even a stout skeptic on the subject?  I know of several people that have never experienced or seen a ghost before so they do not believe they are real.  I am now questioning myself about this.  Maybe if I totally ignore the strange sounds coming from within my home or turn my head away from those fast glimpses of shadows that move very quickly in my periferal vision, that will change my reality?  Many people in the metaphysical and psychic fields have told me from their experiences to not ignore this because I am a 'sensitive' and ignoring it will make things more intense at some point.  Because the spirits can sense that I am open to the fact that ghosts do exist, this causes such experiences to occur to me more frequently than to others who are skeptical.  And in fact my experiences have become more and more intense as the time has gone by.

I don't know what to think about perceived reality and if I can change my reality on purpose.  I am guessing you can change your reality a little at a time but it would have to be so subtle as to not make you feel as if you were totally out of your mind when events start to happen that put your brain into shock mode.  I have been exposed to the knowledge that ghosts may exist by watching ghost hunting shows on tv for several years now.  And then when an emotionally charged situation started to manifest in my homelife I then had an apparent 'attack' from a figure commonly known as a Shadow Man.  I don't really know but this makes me wonder. 

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Linda Masanimptewa